So , now i will tell why i would go to the USA and no other country,

1. I like the USA so much (i don't no why )

2. I  will see how is the school in the USA

3. I Like the American Life style 

4.I will see how people live in the USA

5.I LOVE the  language


Here in Germany is all different and i like Germany not very much ,


1.  I hate the Language ,the language is so hard to learn i learn 15 years            German and I can not still the language

2. I don't like the School system!

3. I find German to be angry quickly.but that is not at all so

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Okey I tell you sometimes a little bit about my Youtube channel.
He is not yet so largely it only a video is to be made on-line, however, I planne at the moment more during the next weeks I have check so I must learn a lot, however, approx. from 10. April.2014 put I me again in mine pc and make videos again.

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